"The Flux is in the Flame"

Industry: Automotive and Hydraulic Tubing

Industry Description

Automotive and hydraulic tubing must be constructed to withstand the pressures of air or fluid flow. At The Gasflux® Company, we supply high-quality torch and induction brazing products that enable automotive industry suppliers to create strong, leak-tight joints in their metal tubing products. Our quality filler metals and paste fluxes give companies control over gap tolerances and all other aspects of the brazing process, allowing them to produce leak-free parts that are vital to reliable tubular braze applications. An additional benefit of using our products is the reduced amount of post-braze clean up that is needed. Minimal cleaning requirements allow companies to avoid having to use harsh acids or chemicals to clean parts, which saves time, labor, and expense.

In addition to high percentage silver filler metals, we offer nickel-bronze and low fuming bronze brazing alloys. Our product line also includes high-quality bronze and silver paste fluxes. Automotive tubing manufacturers also leverage the benefits of our liquid-type Gasflux® products. Introducing flux directly into the fuel stream creates superior wetting action and encourages the silver or bronze alloy filler to flow evenly into the joint where it is needed the most. Suitable for both manual and automatic brazing operations, Gasflux® minimizes post braze cleaning operations such as grinding, buffing, descaling and pickling where harsh acids and other chemicals are used. Companies that use our Gasflux® products achieve high yield rates and fewer rejected parts when compared to other brazing processes.

Our products are compliant with AWS/ANSI standards and to conform to the quality requirements of the automotive industry. If you are interested in learning more about our products or have a specific question about introducing Gasflux® into your operation, contact us directly.

Industry Details

Industry Name & Description
Automotive Tubing
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Torch brazing
Induction Brazing (paste flux only)
Material Used
  1. Gasflux®
  2. High Percent Silver Filler Metals
  3. C-04 Bronze
  4. Low Fuming Bronze
  1. Nickel-Silver
  2. Bronze Brazing Paste Fluxes
  3. Silver Brazing Paste Fluxes
Even Flow
Optimum Strength
Increase Productivity
Non-corrosive (Gasflux® only)
No Fluorides (Gasflux® only)
Fewer Rejects (Gasflux® only)
Minimum Post-brazing clean up (Gasflux® only)
Acid cleaning
Buffing and grinding
Pinhole Porosity
Industry for Use
Automotive Tubing
Standards Met