Gasflux® Equipment

Gasfluxer® Brazing Equipment

The Gasflux® Process utilizes equipment to dispense Liquid Gasflux® with the fuel gas. The Gasfluxer® consists of a mixing chamber and a reserve tank for flux storage. The unit can be easily added to any existing manual or automatic brazing installation and does not require special torches, tips or unusual connections. Simply add the fuel gas line to the Gasfluxer® unit. The fuel gas will then carry the Gasflux to the torch and a green flame will be seen which shows “The Flux is in the Flame”.

The Gasflux Company manufactures a series of Gasfluxers® for specific manual torch operation or automatic brazing machinery. All Gasfluxers® have a valve adjustment to regulate the amount of Gasflux® introduced into the flame. The units listed below are our “base” Models and additional features can be added to suit one’s particular brazing application. Please consult with The Gasflux Company for any added features to the base Models.

Gasflux® is a registered trade name, and is to be used exclusively with Gasfluxer® dispensing equipment manufactured by The Gasflux Company.

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