Gasflux Type “A050” Aluminum Air Diaphragm Pump



The A050-NAA air operated transfer pump kit is an aluminum pump with PTFE diaphragms, ½” NPT fittings and a grounding lug. The pump is Atex labeled, and can be used to transfer Liquid Gasflux® from a 5 gallon pail to a 5 gallon reserve tank. The kit includes the pump, suction and discharge hoses, fittings and lances, grounding clamps and straps.

The A050-NAA-PUMP KIT ships with an aluminum pump, brass lances for suction and discharge, stainless steel fittings and hose assemblies, and grounding clamps and straps, assembly is quick and easy.

The suction and discharge ports are both on the right side of the pump, (different than pictured), and the pump can be mounted upright as shown, on a cart or a shelf, or wall mounted sideways.

The pump runs on shop air, and set-up is not complicated.

After grounding the unit, the pail and the reserve tank, insert the suction lance into the five gallon pail of Liquid Gasflux. Insert the discharge lance into the fill tube of the five gallon reserve tank. Open the ball valve on the reserve tank and turn on the air supply to the pump. Let all of the liquid transfer, then turn off the air supply to the pump and remove the lances. Close the reserve tank and replace the fill cap. Remove the grounding clamps, and the filling procedure is complete.



Air Inlet


Liquid Inlet

½” FNPT & 1” MNPT

Liquid Outlet

½” FNPT & 1” MNPT


10 Pound

Max. Flow

15 gpm

Max Air Pressure

120 psi