Oil & Natural Gas Drilling

Industry Description

Companies involved in manufacturing parts used in oil and gas extraction face the challenge of producing rugged parts and assemblies that promote productivity both onshore and offshore infrastructures. At The Gasflux® Company, we are a major supplier of torch brazing fluxes and tinning rods that allow tradespeople to perform quality workmanship. Our premium quality brazing rods, along with our paste and powdered flux products enable workers to create robust joints in junk mills and drill heads used in extreme-duty drilling equipment.

We offer silver, nickel silver, bronze brazing rods, either bare or flux coated. Our products are formulated to promote an even flow of the brazing material, optimize joint strength, and increase the productivity of manual torch brazing.

To enhance the quality of brazed joints, companies use our Gasflux® system, which allows users to put a controlled amount of vaporized flux directly into the fuel stream. With the flux in the flame, braze professionals achieve deep penetration with little or no oxidization. The Gasflux® system also prevents over fluxing, eliminates alloy fuming, and minimizes post-braze cleanup. Brazzers produce such high-quality joints there is minimal need for grinding and buffing.

Companies in the oil and gas industry are impressed with the quality and durability of the brazed joints produced using our products. Mill and drill heads that are reduced of defects and imperfections that promotes productivity. Contact us directly for more information about our products.

Industry Name & Description

Oil and Natural Gas

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Torch brazing, Tinning, Wear Repair

Material Used

  • Gasflux®
  • GF-72 Nickel Silver Bare Tinning Rod with Gasflux® Process
  • GF-72 Nickel Silver Bare Tinning Rod with either a) Bg-1 Powder Flux, b) B-1 Powder Flux, c) Type B Blue Paste Flux
  • GF-72 Nickel Silver Flux-Coated Tinning rod
  • 56% Silver, Bare or Flux Coated
  • 50% Silver Brazing Rod, AWS BAg-24, bare or flux coated
  • Type B Nickel Silver Paste flux
  • Type B-1 Nickel Silver Powder Flux
  • Type Bg-1 Nickel Silver Powder Flux
  • Type H Hi-Temp Black Paste Flux
  • Type G-1 Silver Brazing Powder Flux


  • Even Flow
  • Optimum Strength
  • Increase Productivity
  • Eliminates Flux inclusion (Gasflux® only)
  • Non-corrosive (Gasflux® only)
  • No Fluorides (Gasflux® only)
  • Prevents Excessive Alloy Fuming (Gasflux® only)
  • Faster Production (Gasflux® only)
  • Fewer Rejects (Gasflux® only)
  • Minimum Post-brazing clean up (Gasflux® only)


  • Grinding (all Gasflux® only)
  • Chipping
  • Post-brazing clean up
  • Pinhole Porosity

Industry for Use

Oil and Natural Gas

Standards Met