Gasflux Rebuilding Program

In order to keep your Gasflux dispensing equipment safe and up to date, we are pleased to offer the Gasfluxer Reconditioning Program. Any current Gasfluxer Model (69, 70, S, L, Modified L, a.k.a. “wicking system”) will be completely reconditioned in our factory. This program includes the following:

  • Complete Cleaning of Unit
  • Replacement of all gaskets
  • Replacement of outlet valves (Model 69 only)
  • Replacement of ball valves
  • Painting
  • Testing - Under U.L. guidelines
  • New instructional manual
  • Update to date unit

We also offer reconditioning of Reserve Tanks. Equipment returned with broken, excessively worn, or missing parts will have the parts replaced at our current list price.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like pricing.

All Gasfluxers and Reserve Tanks must be shipped to The Gasflux Company on a freight prepaid basis. All Gasfluxers and Reserve Tanks MUST BE COMPLETELY EMPTY before shipping to the Gasflux Company.