Gasfluxer® Piping System


Gasfluxer® Piping System

One of our newest products, our Gasfluxer® Piping System, utilizes steel piping to pipe right into the gas line. The Piping System comes completely pre assembled and is designed to capture and prevent the overfilling of Liquid Gasflux® into the fuel gas lines. Mounted on a stand, simply move it to an optimal location on the gas line and install. Perfect for automatic brazing or multiple brazing stations. The Piping System can be built with the Model L, Model ML (wicking system) and Model S Gasfluxers®.

Every brazing situation is unique and we are here to provide assistance to understand if a piping system would work well for your production. Please contact us and we will more than willing to help assess if a piping system would prove beneficial.


Fuel Gas Type

All Types

Manual/Automatic Brazing


Number of Torches for Manual Brazing

3 to 8 Manual Torches

Working Capacity

120 ft³/h

Maximum Fuel Gas Pressure

15 psig

Reserve Tank Capacity

5 gal

Fluxer Height

33 in


10 in

Thread Size

0.75 in

Connection Type

Female NPT

100% Bypass Capability


Industry Standards/Certifications


Additional Information

A needle valve adjustment on the Gasfluxer® regulates precise control of the Gasflux®/Fuel mixture carried to the torch by directing all or only part of the fuel gas into the Gasfluxer® mixing chamber. Once the valve is set for the specific amount of flux needed, no further adjustments are required.

All Gasfluxers® can be easily maintained, regulated, and refilled by one operator.

The Gasflux® Process utilizes equipment to dispense Liquid Gasfluxer® with the fuel gas. The Gasfluxer® consists of a mixing chamber and a reserve tank for flux storage. The unit can be easily added to any existing manual or automatic brazing installation and does not require special torches, tips or unusual connections.

The Gasflux® Company manufactures a series of Gasfluxer® for specific manual torch operation or automatic brazing machinery. All Gasfluxers® have a valve adjustment to regulate the amount of Gasflux® introduced into the flame.
The “Modified” Model L Gasfluxer is essentially the same as the standard Model “L” Gasfluxer but uses cotton elements or “wicks” to absorb the liquid Gasflux. This allows for consistent delivery of flux vapor to the torch or burner regardless of the level of liquid Gasflux in the unit. The unit is used for both 1) automatic brazing machinery and 2) manual torch braze operation and can be directly piped into the fuel gas supply.