Type “30” Liquid Gasflux®

Type CS in Plastic Bottles

Type "30" Liquid Gasflux®

Our lowest reduced concentrate liquid flux for both silver and bronze brazing. This reduced borate flux is utilized when “over-fluxing” is a concern, primarily with natural gas and alternative fuel gases such as LPG, Propylene and MAPP gas. Primarily used in the HVAC and jewelry industries for the brazing of non-ferrous base metal including copper and brass. Also recommended for automatic brazing of non-ferrous base metals.


Industry Standards/Certifications




Plastic Container Capacity

1 gal
3.78 L

Steel Pail Capacity

5 gal
18.93 L

Steel Drum Capacity

53 gal
200.6 L

Additional Information

The Gasflux® Company recognizes that each brazing application is unique. We suggest contacting The Gasflux® Company to discuss your application and see which Liquid Gasflux® is best suited for your operation.

Custom blending of Liquid Gasflux® is available upon request.

The fluxes are available from stock in standard packaging:

  • 1-gal plastic container (3.78 liters)
  • 5-gal steel pail (18.93 liters)
  • 53-gal drum (200.6 liters)