Metal Fabrication

Industry Description

At The Gasflux® Company, we manufacture a wide variety of torch brazing consumables for use in assembling all types of metal fabrication. Serving the metalworking industry since 1938, we have experts on staff that guide companies through the process of selecting the very best products for promoting quality and productivity for every brazing application.

Brazing is a versatile method for producing permanent, high-strength, leak-tight joints. Common base metals of copper, brass, and steel can be brazed with Gasflux®. With the variety of brazing alloys, liquid flux, and paste flux products we offer, we fulfill the needs of all kinds of brazing applications that take place in any metalworking operation. In addition to copper-phosphorous and high percentage silver filler metals, we supply items such as low fuming bronze, nickel-silver, and bronze or silver paste fluxes.

Brazing dissimilar metals can be challenging. However, our Gasflux® process eliminates all of the difficulties and makes brazing dissimilar assemblies effortless. The Gasflux® process eliminates oxidation and allows the filler metal to flow freely. Gasflux® delivers offer optimum joint strength and minimizes the time and effort required for post-brazing cleanup.

In metal fabrication, saving time and reducing labor are important factors in managing a well-run, profitable operation. We supply Gasflux® in plastic containers, pails, and drums to keep up with both high and low volume, manual and automated brazing applications. Since our products conform to AWS and ANSI standards, metal fabricators who use our products provide the highest level quality in their brazed assemblies.

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Industry Name & Description

Metal Fabrication

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Torch brazing

Material Used

  • Gasflux®
  • Copper-Phosphorus Filler Metals
  • High Percent Silver Filler Metals
  • C-04 Bronze
  • Low Fuming Bronze
  • Nickel-Silver
  • Bronze Brazing Paste Fluxes
  • Silver Brazing Paste Fluxes


  • Even Flow
  • Optimum Strength
  • Increase Productivity
  • Eliminates Flux inclusion (Gasflux® only)
  • Non-corrosive (Gasflux® only)
  • No Fluorides (Gasflux® only)
  • Prevents Excessive Fuming (Gasflux® only)
  • Fewer Rejects (Gasflux® only)
  • Minimum Post-brazing clean up (Gasflux® only)


  • Acid and chemical cleaning
  • Post-brazing clean up
  • Pinhole Porosity

Industry for Use

Metal Fabrication

Standards Met