Type “G-1” Powder Flux

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Type "G-1" Powder Flux

  • White powder flux
  • Used for all silver braze applications including stainless
  • Good for elevated temperatures
  • Washes off easily with water

Type “G-1” is a highly active powder flux for use with silver alloys in the mid to high temperature brazing of ferrous, nickel and non-ferrous alloys. Not for use on aluminum and magnesium. It readily dissolves unwanted oxides, inhibits further oxidation, and provides the clean surfaces necessary for the ready flow of molten silver alloys.

The Gasflux Company recognizes that each brazing application is unique. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your application and recommend the right powder flux that best meets your needs.



White Powder

Filler Metal Type



Extended Heat

Temperature Range

1050 ºF – 1600 ºF
565 ºC – 870 ºC