Gasflux® Ag-06

  • AWS A5.8: BCuP-4
  • Used to join copper or brass
  • A very fluid alloy for small clearances
  • Recommended gap clearances of .001 to .003
  • Brazing temperature range: 1275-1450°F / 691-788°C

AG-06 is a Phos-copper brazing alloy that is primarily used for the joining of copper or brass on vibration free joints. It is most effective for brazing tight fitting copper pipe and tubing. This alloy is self-fluxing on copper joints. However, when used with a copper alloy a brazing flux must be used. The flow point of AG-06 is 12755ºF (691ºC).

The Gasflux Company recognizes that each brazing application is unique. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your application and recommend the right brazing alloy that best meets your needs.


Brazing Temperature

1275-1450°F / 691-788°C

Recommended Gap Clearance

.001 to .003


A5.8 AWS Spec



1325 ºF
718 ºC


1190 ºF
643 ºC