Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Industry Description

At The Gasflux® Company, we supply a range of premium brazing products that promote quality and longevity in HVAC equipment and systems. The HVAC industry is very competitive, and our high-quality torch brazing materials create joints that exhibit exceptional strength and a fine, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Our products allow HVAC companies to provide consistently high-quality products and services to grow their market share while reducing their production and operational costs, boosting profitability.

Schrader Valves

Schrader Valves

Gasflux® is our inline system that injects flux into the fuel gas to deliver it exactly where the flame is directed. This results in superior fluxing and wetting action that encourages the brazing alloy to flow evenly and follow the flame smoothly.

Non-corrosive and fluoride-free, Gasflux® optimizes joint strength, allows for faster brazing times, and reduces filler rod consumption and post braze cleaning. The Gasflux® Company can manufacture a specific liquid flux to suit anyone’s application.

Comparison of a braze with and without Gasflux®. Use of Gasflux® results in optimized joint strength with minimal post braze clean up.
Comparison of a braze with and without Gasflux®. Use of Gasflux® results in optimized joint strength with minimal post braze clean up.

Bad (No Gasflux)

Bad (No Gasflux)

Good (With Gasflux)

Good (With Gasflux)
Results of using Gasflux® versus a non-gasflux® braze

Our torch brazing products are used by companies involved in the manufacturing of air conditioners, condensing units, heaters, chillers, and refrigeration units used in a wide variety of applications, from residential to commercial/industrial. In addition to copper-phosphorous filler metals for joining copper to copper, we offer high-percentage silver filler metals and silver brazing paste fluxes that deliver clean brazes in any joint configuration. 

By using our torch brazing products, HVAC companies are saving money while producing high-integrity joints that will not leak, whether the equipment is used indoors or outdoors in continuous duty applications. For more information about our products geared for use in the HVAC market, contact us directly.

Industry Name & Description

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Torch brazing

Material Used

  • Gasflux®
  • Copper-Phosphorus Filler Metals
  • High Percent Silver Filler Metals
  • Silver Brazing Paste Fluxes


  • Even Flow
  • Optimum Strength
  • Increase Productivity
  • Minimizing over-heating (Gasflux® only)
  • Eliminates Flux inclusion (Gasflux® only)
  • Non-corrosive (Gasflux® only)
  • No Fluorides (Gasflux® only)
  • Fewer Rejects (Gasflux® only)
  • Minimum Post-brazing clean up (Gasflux® only)


  • Over-Heating of the base metal
  • Post-brazing clean up
  • Pinhole Porosity
  • Leaks

Industry for Use

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Standards Met